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    Together, we saved 175 parks from being removed from the Alberta Parks system.

    Now let’s make sure they stay protected.?

    สล็อต ฝาก ถอน ไม่มี ขั้น ต่ํา แตก ง่าย วอ เลท

    Defend Alberta Parks was started to stop the closure and removal of 175 parks in 2020. The Alberta government walked back from their plan, but the threat to Alberta’s parks is not over.

    There are plans to update parks legislation in 2021. If done with re, these sweeping changes n protect and preserve Alberta’s parks for dedes.?

    Now is the time for us to speak up for our parks!

    We defended our parks in 2020. Now let’s make sure they remain protected in 2021.


    March 2020

    Alberta government announces plan to close and remove parks

    The Alberta government announced a plan (“Optimizing Alberta Parks”) to close 20 parks and remove 164 from the Alberta Parks system.


    November 2020

    Changes to parks legislation announced

    In a new approach to parks and public lands management (“Alberta’s Crown Land Vision”), the provincial government prepares for major changes to parks and public land legislation.


    December 2020

    “Optimizing Alberta Parks” sites stay open and protected

    Your voices were heard.?The “Optimizing Alberta Parks” plan is reversed and no?parks were removed from the Alberta Parks system in 2020.



    Changes to legislation expected

    New parks and public land legislation will be announced. These changes will guide the future of Alberta’s parks for dedes.

    Help us defend Alberta’s parks

    Your voice was heard in 2020. The Alberta government did not proceed in removing 175 sites from the Alberta Parks system.

    Let’s keep defending Alberta’s parks in 2021. Keep your signs up and help grow the mpaign. Together, we will support new parks legislation that ensures parks remain protected for dedes.

    1. Write your MLA

    Tell your MLA that Alberta Parks are important to you and should remain protected.

    2. Get a Lawn Sign

    Request or print a lawn sign.

    3. Donate

    Help us get more letters, signs and more.

    4. Volunteer

    Deliver lawn signs and brochures in your own community.

    5. Tell a neighbour

    Spread the word and share Defend Alberta Parks.

    About Us

    With the help of volunteers and supporters from across Alberta, the goal of Defend Alberta Parks is to?ensure the province’s parks remain within the Alberta Parks system and remain protected.

    Email: info@

    • Contact Us

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